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"WE ALL LOOK AT THE WORLD IN DIFFERENT WAYS and we all interpret what we see differently.  For me, I always want to try and translate my perceptions into a perfect vignette — a little surprise within a frame.  Windows allow us to see the world within a frame in much the same way a photographer does.  In many ways my process is like making a puzzle: cutting the pieces out of paper and whatever else is at hand and pasting them together in a magical way that satisfies me, and then give them to you.

My ideas come from my daily observations: a walk, views from a car window, flowers, a doorway, a boat, a road or path.  Something triggers and there is a wonderful excitement in fitting all the pieces together.  Making my windows is a continual source of happiness and is my gift to you.  My hope is they will bring a smile to others—perhaps surprise them—perhaps comfort—and to help with our awareness of all that surrounds us."

~ Judith Stoddard King

Stoddard King is a collage artist based in central Massachusetts and also in Maine.  Judy attended the Bancroft School and the Ethel Walker School, and graduated from Hollins University in Virginia with a degree in Art History and Studio Art.  She studied découpage at the Hiram Manning studio in Boston in the 1970's and began to create collages soon thereafter.  King has exhibited at the Fletcher/Priest Gallery and the Neal Rosenblum Goldsmith Gallery in Worcester, and at the Mast Cove Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine.  

King's works have been shown at Pucker Gallery since 2004, along with Tony King, her husband's photography.  Previous catalogs can be viewed here.  King's collages can be purchased through the Pucker Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston.



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